Pinterest: The Pinterest of Porn

PINTEREST Pinterest: The Pinterest of Porn

The other day, I read an article on Gizmodo called “Not Safe For YouTube: How Google Draws the Line Between Porn and Art (NSFW)“. As the title suggests, the article addressed the fact that there is plenty of nudity on Youtube and it examined the way Youtube dealt with NSFW content.

Essentially, Youtube guidelines say that any video that’s “intented to be sexually provocative” will most likely be removed. Before it’s removed, the video featuring inappropriate content must be flagged by an offended user, then reviewed by Youtube employees in different countries. If the Youtube employees decide that the nudity’s artistic merit outweighs a sexually provocative motivation, then an age gate will be put in place. Only when the nudity crosses the artistic line does the video get removed.

This mature and sensible way of dealing with nudity on what is generally considered to be a SFW site made me want to revisit how nudity was being handled on another SFW site: Pinterest. Continue reading

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Wearing a Bra Might be Ruining your Breasts

207892 great looking cleavage Go Bra Less for Sexier Boobs

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The French are good at many things. Fashion, cheese, cigarettes, wine, cowardice. But above all these special skills, the French have always been great scientists.

Where would we be today if France had not produced great scientific minds like Pasteur, Becquerel, or the Curies?

Well today, it came to my attention that there is another great French scientist that deserves our full respect. His name is Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon. And what is his contribution to the French scientific tradition?

Professor Rouillon has found after a 15 year study that wearing bras makes boobs saggier.

Continue reading

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Sex Needs Love

Hot Sex Includes Love

Sex, obviously

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Do you worry that the youth of today are too obsessed with “hooking up” and that it’s destroying human intimacy?

First of all, mind your own goddamn business and let the youth of today live their lives.

Second of all, according to the new Great Sex Survey by Durex, “hooking up” is NBD, which is how young people say No Big Deal.

Allow me to explain… Continue reading

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Porno P.I.’s – Nicole Ray

nicoleray Where is porn star Nicole Ray?

This is a safe-for-work version of “Where Is Pornstar Nicole Ray?” which originally appeared on the Blog. To visit the NSFW version click here.

Not too long ago, I was scrolling through the latest pins on and saw a picture of Nicole Ray.

Nicole Ray started doing porn when she was 19 and she embodied the sexy teen/girl next door babe that no one ever really gets tired of. There’s no doubt that when she came out she was hot shit, shooting for gonzo sites and big studios. It seemed like she was going to be a big star in the adult industry when suddenly she vanished.

Of course, vanishing from the porn industry isn’t uncommon but being a fan of Nicole Ray I had to ask Twitter, “Whatever happened to Nicole Ray?” Continue reading

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Science say Women Prefer Large Penises

penissurprise Science Says Women Prefer Large Penises

In the end, penis size does matter.

Men have always wanted to know how to be attractive to women. Monash University, The Australian National University and La Trobe University all came together to determine once and for all what women find attractive. It turns that women like one thing about men: large penises. Continue reading

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Did you know today is Topless Jihad Day


Today (April 4th , 2013) is Topless Jihad Day. “Topless” and “Jihad” are two words you should be familiar with, but what could it possibly mean putting them together for its own day?

Allow me to explain… Continue reading

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15 Years of FreeOnes

It’s not easy for me to endorse any porn site other than because those other porn sites don’t pay me any money. So why would I ever endorse them?

However, everyone I’ve ever dealt with from other porn sites is extremely nice and cool. Specifically, the people over at Freeones are extremely nice and cool.

Why is that?

Well, lots of reasons. But the one that comes to mind is that they sent me an infographic of all this data Freeones has been collecting throughout their 15 year run. 15 years! That’s fucking amazing. Continue reading

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