March Madness Sweet 16

March Madness!

March Madness!

As you all know, pretty much everyone that works for is a huge basketball fan. While I’m left waiting for Derrick Rose to return and lead my Chicago Bulls to a Championship, I thought it would be fun to do a quick analysis of the 16 remaining teams in the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship also known as MARCH MADNESS.

You’re probably wondering, “Hey, Chico…why didn’t you do a full bracket with all 64 teams?”

Excellent question, thank you for asking that. Because I was busy when the tournament started and I didn’t have time to do my full bracket. Plus, doing a write-up for each team would have been a lot of work. Additional when I’m already busy? That’s completely out of the question.

On the plus side, there are fewer teams for me to analyze so I have a better chance of achieving the perfect bracket. After last March Madness, when every team I picked in lost in the first round, I refused to play by anyone’s odds but my own. But that was last March Madness and this is current March Madness.

Let’s see the match-ups:


1. Louisville vs 12. Oregon

Normally, I would expect Oregon to be blown out by Louisville. However, Oregon has already won two games as underdogs by beating Oklahoma State and Saint Louis. I’m going to go ahead and pick Oregon to win this bracket because I believe that capitalize on their underdog mentality and current momentum for another upset (if they can keep the turnovers to a minimum).

2. Duke vs 3. MSU

Here we go again. Michigan State against Duke.

This game could easily go either way. But that’s not a real prediction. I’m going to go with Duke simply because the Plumlee-Kelly combo has been so explosive. The Spartan’s defense may not be able to contain them.


9. Wichita vs 13. LaSalle

Did anyone think that either of these teams would make it past the first round?

Unfortunately I have no insight to offer on this match-up because I doubt the winner of this game will make past the Elite Eight of March Madness.

I’ll just go with Wichita because of their name: The Shockers

Get it?

6. Arizona vs 2. Ohio

Arizona has a great team but they tend to disappear at big moments of the game. Ohio’s got more experience that they can draw on, which means they’ll take the win.


1. Kansas vs 4. Michigan

The Wolverines got hot at the right time, and that’s what wins tournaments. Just think about the L.A. Kings last year in the NHL. They struggled to stay in the playoff picture all season long until they started heating up in April. They stayed hot against every opponent they played. I feel like the Wolverines are on the same track.

Also, Michigan has Tim Hardaway Jr. How can you not root for that guy? His dad is Tim Hardaway.

3. Florida vs 15. FGCU

The odds of Florida Gulf Coast University making it to the next round of March Madness are 276:1…


Cinderella Story has to end some time.


1. Indiana vs 4. Syracuse

The Indiana Hoosiers are very well equipped to play against a zone defense, like the kind Syracuse plays. I’m sorry to say that the Orange’s luck may have been all used up surviving the Golden Bears.

3. Marquette vs 2. Miami

Vander Blue. Enough said.


So there you have it, Chico Dusty’s March Madness Sweet Sixteen picks. Make sure to watch the tournament this coming week and so that your minds can be blown by the 100% accuracy of my March Madness predictions.



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