15 Years of FreeOnes

It’s not easy for me to endorse any porn site other than Sex.com because those other porn sites don’t pay me any money. So why would I ever endorse them?

However, everyone I’ve ever dealt with from other porn sites is extremely nice and cool. Specifically, the people over at Freeones are extremely nice and cool.

Why is that?

Well, lots of reasons. But the one that comes to mind is that they sent me an infographic of all this data Freeones has been collecting throughout their 15 year run. 15 years! That’s fucking amazing.

Surely, in 15 years worth of internet browsing you’ve come across Freeones. Let’s help them celebrate their 15 year anniversary by giving you an annotated version of their infographic

1 Freeones 15 Year Infographic

There are 738,980 photo and video links and 27,229 models on Freeones. That should be enough to keep you busy. If you’re ever at a loss for sites to pin, definitely try Freeones because they know what’s up.

2011 was the year most models were added. Was that at the height of the recession? Interesting correlation if I’m right.

Meanwhile, this image raises another question…who the heck is Lady Sonia? How does she have the most links and I’ve never heard of her?

2 Freeones 15 Year Infographic

It’s not shocking to me that Freeones has 2 million daily visitors. What is shocking is that there are only 2 million people in New Mexico. Get it together, New Mexico.

I wonder how long the boob category will remain the most popular category because butts are well on their way to being more popular.

3 Freeones 15 Year Infographic

This we already know from the 10,000 porn star study. It’s just nice to hear it was right.

4 Freeones 15 Year Infographic

According to Freeones’s data, only 18% of pornstars have fake boobs. That is shockingly low. I guess those girls aren’t lying when they say they’re just naturally perky. That’s good to know. Also, for what sport are women getting implants for? Please if you know of any female sportsmen with fake boobs, let me know in the comments!

And can we just agree that C-cup is the best breast size? Norma Stiltz holds the Freeones record for biggest boobs with a natural L cup. Now, I’m not against big boobs, but that seems too big.

5 Freeones 15 Year Infographic

So here we have the average weight of the women in the Freeones database (119 lbs) and the average height (5.4 feet). When you calculate the Body Mass Index of the average weight and height you get a 20.4, which is a healthy BMI for the average woman. That’s good to know.

Is BMI stilled used anywhere? Despite all the medical facts that are reported on this blog, I’m not very in tune with the medical community.

6 Freeones 15 Year Infographic

2% of models in the Freeones database have passed away. You know how everyone is always trying to tell you porn kills? Just lay that stat on them.

I find it curious that the average age for a model to start her career is 27 when they claim to be 18 on video…strange…

Well, as you can see, when you’re in the business for as long as Freeones, you get some interesting data.

Of course, this is just a sample. To see the full infographic, click here.

Make sure you stop by Freeones tonight while you’re surfing the internet and keep that mouse close to the pin button. You’re guaranteed to see something you’re going to want to save on your Sex.com boards.

Special thanks to Roald for the tip! Thanks!

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