Sex can make you smarter!

Why do you have sex?

Because it’s cool? Because it feels good? Because it relieves your headaches?

These are all perfectly good reasons to have sex, but frankly you never really need a reason to have sex. I mean it’s fine if you do, but if you don’t  have a reason for having sex, well then, that’s OK too.

Even though like 90% of the world is on board with having sex (no offense to a-sexuals/celibate people), science is always coming up with new reasons for us to have sex.

Science, c’mon. You’re preaching to the choir. We love sex and we’re trying to do it as often as possible.

Anyways, the latest reason for us to have sex is because it could benefit our intelligence. That’s right, having sex can make you smarter.

A team of scientists from the University of Pavia in Italy took blood samples from three different groups (single, recently fallen in love, and long-term relationship) and measured the nerve growth (which is crucial to a human’s well-being and mental alertness).

The study concluded that levels of nerve health were, “significantly higher in subjects in love than in either the subjects with long-lasting relationships or the subjects with no relationships.” Why?

Because the people who had just fallen in love were having more sex than those in long-term relationships or single people.

The research from the Italian team is only further corroborated by research recently done at Princeton University. The team at Princeton found that sexually active rats (yuck) experienced more nerve cell growth and also had less stress hormones in their system compared to sexually inactive rats.

The more sex you have, the more cells you can grow specifically in the hippocampus part of the brain (the memory and learning part). The hippocampus has been known to shrink under stress and it seems that sex can counteract that.

Of course, sex is no replacement for conventional education. But still, it’s nice to know that you’re not just dicking around when you’re having sex, you’re improving your brain’s health (which by association makes you smarter).

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G-Shots & G-spots

Don’t worry, it’s just a little prick

(This post originally appeared on the Blog on October 30th, 2012)

Since its discovery in the 1940s, straight men everywhere have been hopelessly trying to find the woman’s G-Spot. Most men can barely even find the clitoris, so trying to find a little bean-shaped area three inches deep seems like a lost cause.

Well I got good news for all the sexually illiterate men and sexually dissatisfied women of the world. Hollywood gynecologist and surgeon Dr. David Matlock has the women of Los Angeles crowding his clinic, the Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America (this the real name of his clinic), to receive their “G-Shots”, a surgical procedure that injects filler into a woman’s G-Spot for an improved sex life.

Totally insane, right? Well, let’s find out more about it! Continue reading

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March Madness Sweet 16

March Madness!

March Madness!

As you all know, pretty much everyone that works for is a huge basketball fan. While I’m left waiting for Derrick Rose to return and lead my Chicago Bulls to a Championship, I thought it would be fun to do a quick analysis of the 16 remaining teams in the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship also known as MARCH MADNESS.

You’re probably wondering, “Hey, Chico…why didn’t you do a full bracket with all 64 teams?”

Excellent question, thank you for asking that. Because I was busy when the tournament started and I didn’t have time to do my full bracket. Plus, doing a write-up for each team would have been a lot of work. Additional when I’m already busy? That’s completely out of the question.

On the plus side, there are fewer teams for me to analyze so I have a better chance of achieving the perfect bracket. After last March Madness, when every team I picked in lost in the first round, I refused to play by anyone’s odds but my own. But that was last March Madness and this is current March Madness.

Let’s see the match-ups:


1. Louisville vs 12. Oregon

Normally, I would expect Oregon to be blown out by Louisville. However, Oregon has already won two games as underdogs by beating Oklahoma State and Saint Louis. I’m going to go ahead and pick Oregon to win this bracket because I believe that capitalize on their underdog mentality and current momentum for another upset (if they can keep the turnovers to a minimum).

2. Duke vs 3. MSU

Here we go again. Michigan State against Duke.

This game could easily go either way. But that’s not a real prediction. I’m going to go with Duke simply because the Plumlee-Kelly combo has been so explosive. The Spartan’s defense may not be able to contain them.


9. Wichita vs 13. LaSalle

Did anyone think that either of these teams would make it past the first round?

Unfortunately I have no insight to offer on this match-up because I doubt the winner of this game will make past the Elite Eight of March Madness.

I’ll just go with Wichita because of their name: The Shockers

Get it?

6. Arizona vs 2. Ohio

Arizona has a great team but they tend to disappear at big moments of the game. Ohio’s got more experience that they can draw on, which means they’ll take the win.


1. Kansas vs 4. Michigan

The Wolverines got hot at the right time, and that’s what wins tournaments. Just think about the L.A. Kings last year in the NHL. They struggled to stay in the playoff picture all season long until they started heating up in April. They stayed hot against every opponent they played. I feel like the Wolverines are on the same track.

Also, Michigan has Tim Hardaway Jr. How can you not root for that guy? His dad is Tim Hardaway.

3. Florida vs 15. FGCU

The odds of Florida Gulf Coast University making it to the next round of March Madness are 276:1…


Cinderella Story has to end some time.


1. Indiana vs 4. Syracuse

The Indiana Hoosiers are very well equipped to play against a zone defense, like the kind Syracuse plays. I’m sorry to say that the Orange’s luck may have been all used up surviving the Golden Bears.

3. Marquette vs 2. Miami

Vander Blue. Enough said.


So there you have it, Chico Dusty’s March Madness Sweet Sixteen picks. Make sure to watch the tournament this coming week and so that your minds can be blown by the 100% accuracy of my March Madness predictions.



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Plot-lines in Porn Movies (Safe for work)

Jack Horner films are the pornos with the best stories

South Africa’s TopTV is desperately trying to get three pay TV adult channels off the ground. Why? Because people like to watch porn. Well, almost everyone likes to watch porn.

TopTV’s bid hit a snag when a morality group stepped in to put the kibosh on people enjoying their pornography via television.

Porn on TV and not the internet? I’m just as confused as you are. I don’t even watch TV on TV anymore. The internet is where I watch all my TV. But hey, we’re not here to judge.

TopTV CEO Eddie Mbablo issued a statement today that the proposed pornography channel would only feature porn with storylines.

He went on to say, “If you check the dictionary definition of porn, you will realise that porn is content that has no artistic merit. What we’re promoting here is scripted narrative material that could be watched by couples.”

Well, actually Mr. Mbablo, pornography is obscene writing, images, photography, etc. with no artistic merit. If porn was content that had no artistic merit, pretty much every major motion picture release of the last five years could be considered pornography (aside from a few good ones, obviously).

Regardless, Mr. Mbablo’s plan to screen only plot-centric porn movies made me think of purpose of plot in porn movies. For the most part, plot in porn movies seem to be universally hated. And if plot-lines in porn movies aren’t universally hated, they’re at least skipped or ignored by the general public. But why? Are the plot-line in porn movies that bad?

I mean, think of Digital Playground’s smash hit Pirates. There’s a cut of Pirates that has an R rating because it features only the story and no sex. Surely that says enough about the plot, the characters, the performance, and Pirates as a whole if it was able to sustain itself as an actual movie and not just a porno. And who can say that was a fluke? I’m sure other porn movies will have solid enough stories to hold their own as heavily edited, low-budget mainstream films.

Jesse Jane in Pirates

Personally, I love plot-lines in porn movies. Working for, I see a lot of porn pictures and porn movies. Porn movies where the girl is dancing around rubbing oil on herself until a man walks into frame and they start going at it really don’t interest me. Call me whatever names you can think of but it’s the truth. The reason I’m not interested in these kinds of porn movies is because there is no set-up.

Maybe it’s just me, but for me I know I need some context for why the sex is happening to truly be interested in it. The plot-line doesn’t have to the conventional It can be an elaborate swashbuckling fantasy like Pirates or it can be as simple as pizza being delivered to a lonely housewife, if there’s a situation established it enhances the sex in the scene because I know that there are stakes in the sex being had.

Knowing the characters and the situation is important. Why else would parody porn movies taken off the way they have if it didn’t? Ya see, when you’re watching a porn parody, you’re watching sex between characters you’re already invested in and you’re in a situation that are familiar to you as a viewer. You can then contextualize the sex and enjoy the eroticism on an artistic level.

Does any of this make sense or am I just making a strong case for my own insanity?

Kimberly Kane as Scully

So you’ve heard why I like plots in porn movies, now vote!


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Who spends more on sex? Men or Women?


You know…sex.

It’s no secret that women are better than men at pretty much everything. Sorry guys, but it’s true. We’ve been beat by the fairer sex.

Though surprisingly, the one thing that men are better at than women is spending money on sex. Specifically, in preparation for first-time sex with a new partner.

It’s kind of counter-intuitive, don’t you think? There’s no questions that women spend more on themselves on a day to day basis compared to men. But when you add up the stats from a recent survey of what people are most likely to do before having sex with a new partner, men spend more than women:

1. Shave his face

2. Get a hair cut

3. Tidy his room

4. Trim his pubic hair

5. Buy new underwear

6. Buy new cologne

7. Buy a new outfit

8. Buy new bed linen

9. Have a back wax

10. Have a facial

So what are the top 10 things women spend on before having sex with a new parter? I’m glad you asked because I have the results right here:

1. Remove hair from their legs

2. Buy new bed linen

3. Buy new lingerie

4. Have a standard bikini wax

5. Manicure

6. Buy a new outfit

7. Pedicure

8. Buy new perfume

9. Eyebrow treatment (e.g. waxing, threading and/or tinting)

10. Have a Brazilian/Hollywood wax (does that include #4?)

When you add up all these expenses, women spent an average of $63.50 and men spend slightly more at $71.02.

Maybe it’s just me, but who the heck has time to get a back wax, a bikini wax, new bed linens, new outfits, etc. before the having sex with someone new? Isn’t it a drunken, spontaneous mess the first time you and a new partner have sex?

Whatever. As long as you’re having sex, right?



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Mariah Milano interview

Mariah Milano was one of my porn stars. I say “was” because she’s not really doing porn anymore. She’s moved on to bigger and better things. What exactly are these bigger and better things?

Well, Mariah was nice enough to stop by the Blog and talk about her new projects, the state of the adult industry, and food.

So without further ado, here is the Mariah Milano interview. (as always my questions are in bold and her responses are normal)

You were in the adult industry for a long time, how would you say the industry has changed from when you were 18 and just starting out?
Well for one the internet is now king. When I started in 98 everyone clowned the internet shoots. My agent discouraged me from doing them. They paid so much less and were shitty quality shoots. And the industry is now in serious trouble because of piracy. The girls make less and the budgets are so small they rush everything. Testing has become a mess with AIM gone. The girls are all escorts full time and shoot scenes part time just to keep their hourly rates up. I have never escorted and never will, but I am one of the very few who don’t.

Only recently did I learn about porn stars escorting. How is it treated within the industry? Is it frowned upon or is it silently accepted?
Sadly it is accepted, and not so silently. The agencies that book talent for shoots also book for escort appointments. I have been vocal about it and have been met with a lot of aggression and lost some friends. I don’t give 2 shits if girls are prostitutes. I just think that when they turn tricks in a hotel room with an untested stranger and the nest day show up on set and shoot a scene, they bring an extreme increase in health risk to an already risky situation.

More and more I’m seeing porn scenes where the set-up is an escort date, which I would have assumed no-one would want to touch on. What do you make of this phenomenon? Is it like a crazy psychological marketing technique to attract fans?

I think that it plays into the fantasy aspect of it. Once upon a time porn stars were mythical creatures fans only saw on film or when they feature danced at a strip club or appeared at a convention. Now they are inter-acting with them on a personal basis on social media sites, doing webcam shows with them, etc. They have become real, attainable people. Porn girls have ads placed on escort sites and are easily researched and hired with a click of a mouse. It has changed the dynamic of the “Porn Star”. So the theme of porn stars being escorts portraying the “girlfriend experience” in videos is to be expected. At least that’s my take on it all.

How did you reach the decision to stop performing? Was it much different than when you decided to take a hiatus in 2000?

I got to the point where I dreaded it. It wasn’t fun anymore and I knew my luck was due to run out with the STDs that are rampant in the industry. I never got so much as a scare, so I am extremely lucky. With the testing problems and the rates being paid it just wasn’t worth it for me any longer. It was very much like 2000 when I stopped shooting. It wasn’t fun anymore and I was just sick of it.

What’s going on with if you’re not doing internet or studio shoots?

I am slammed busy with my cooking shows and traveling to host events and finishing my cookbook, which is where my future is. Or at least it looks that way as of now!

Dinner With Mariah is one of the best food blogs I’ve ever seen. How did the blog come together?

I was doing themed cam shows as a contracted spokesmodel for and decided to do a cooking theme one night. It was so popular and fun that I started shooting cooking videos, not live videos, but actual edited videos. The site took off in a big way immediately and I just ran with it. I have traveled in Europe a lot, particularly France and Italy where the food is just amazing. It’s a way of life and prepared with such passion and pride. I taught myself and I do okay, but I have a lot to learn.

Read the rest here!

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Joint replacement surgery boosts sex drive in seniors

I smell a foursome...and moth balls...

I smell a foursome…and moth balls…

Despite what you may have seen on the Mature section of, old people really don’t have that much sex. It’s totally understandable that they don’t because hormonal changes and aging lowers your sex drive.

But thankfully, science has discovered a way for seniors to boost their sex lives, increase mobility, and decrease pain. What is this magic sex-life-saving procedure?

Knee and hip joint replacement.

According to a study by Dr. Jose Rodriguez of the Center for Joint Preservation and Reconstruction, 90% of patients with an average of 59 reported an improvement in sexual function after a joint replacement.

Dr. Rodriguez surveyed 69 males (lol) and 78 females (that’s 147 people total) who prior to surgery reported pain, stiffness, reduce sex drive, and the inability to even assume the position.

After the procedure, the subjects no longer felt pain or stiffness, their sex drive was up, they could assume the position, and as a bonus they felt they had a better self-image.

There are about 720,000 total knee replacement surgeries and 450,000 total hip replacement surgeries in the United States annually.

I’m glad to hear that sex is a benefit for getting a new knee or hip. God knows you’d want to break that thing in. Plus, one of the worst things about a senior citizen must be boredom. With a higher sex drive, seniors probably won’t be as bored. It’s just great news all around. By the time I’m old, I’m sure this procedure will be perfected to a point where I’ll have a knee/hip stronger than my natural ones ever were and a roaring sex drive too.

A lot to look forward to with this new discovery…


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