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Sex, obviously

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Do you worry that the youth of today are too obsessed with “hooking up” and that it’s destroying human intimacy?

First of all, mind your own goddamn business and let the youth of today live their lives.

Second of all, according to the new Great Sex Survey by Durex, “hooking up” is NBD, which is how young people say No Big Deal.

Allow me to explain…

Durex asked 2000 men and 2000 women 25 and older about sex. What they found is that “strings attached” sex was almost unanimously better than “hooking up“. Meaning that sex with emotional weight where love, trust, and all that other stuff was preferred to casual hook up sex.

87% of the women surveyed said that the hottest sex they ever had was with someone they knew and trusted.

95% of men said that sex is more fulfilling when there’s an emotional connection, though the physical connection is also very important. Without the physical connection you wouldn’t be having sex.

95% of women and 96% of men agreed that satisfying their partner is more important than satisfying themselves.

So when you’re standing on your porch, shaking your cane at the young people hooking up on your dang lawn, just remember that sex with emotions is better than sex with a stranger. They’re just trying to find someone they like and can trust by fucking their brains out first.

It’s like what Hannah Rosin wrote in The Atlantic not too long ago, “Their hookup years are likely to end up as a series of photographs, buried somewhere on their Facebook page, that they do or don’t share with their husband — a memory that they recall fondly or sourly, but that hardly defines them.”

As I have said many, many times, the world is a crazy-fucked up place these days. Young people are just trying to figure it out. And if that means some casual sex every now and then, it’s totally chill because in the end they’ll have better sex once they find someone they connect with on an emotional level.

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How do y’all feel about this survey?

Is sex with a stranger better in your own experience?

Is satisfying yourself more important than satisfying your partner?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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