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Wearing a Bra Might be Ruining your Breasts

via The Sex.com Blog The French are good at many things. Fashion, cheese, cigarettes, wine, cowardice. But above all these special skills, the French have always been great scientists. Where would we be today if France had not produced great scientific … Continue reading

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Science say Women Prefer Large Penises

In the end, penis size does matter. Men have always wanted to know how to be attractive to women. Monash University, The Australian National University and La Trobe University all came together to determine once and for all what women … Continue reading

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Sex can make you smarter!

Why do you have sex? Because it’s cool? Because it feels good? Because it relieves your headaches? These are all perfectly good reasons to have sex, but frankly you never really need a reason to have sex. I mean it’s … Continue reading

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Joint replacement surgery boosts sex drive in seniors

I smell a foursome…and moth balls… Despite what you may have seen on the Mature section of Sex.com, old people really don’t have that much sex. It’s totally understandable that they don’t because hormonal changes and aging lowers your sex … Continue reading

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Porn addiction myth debunked!

There’s been a large anti-porn agenda lately because prude-groups have come to the conclusion that porn is addictive. “Porn addiction” has been the hottest new disease since “sex addiction” (which isn’t real either btw). Some people have gone as far … Continue reading

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Sex can provide relief from headaches and migraines

Headaches are a real pain in the butt. Well, technically it’s a pain in the head but you know what I mean… The worst part about getting headaches is that there aren’t enough effective ways to relieve the pain. What … Continue reading

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Blowjobs reduce depression in women

It’s great that blowjobs can be used as a cure for morning sickness but this blowjob news will blow* you away. The State University of New York has been studying the mood altering effects of chemicals in semen. Their results, … Continue reading

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