G-Shots & G-spots

Don’t worry, it’s just a little prick

(This post originally appeared on the Sex.com Blog on October 30th, 2012)

Since its discovery in the 1940s, straight men everywhere have been hopelessly trying to find the woman’s G-Spot. Most men can barely even find the clitoris, so trying to find a little bean-shaped area three inches deep seems like a lost cause.

Well I got good news for all the sexually illiterate men and sexually dissatisfied women of the world. Hollywood gynecologist and surgeon Dr. David Matlock has the women of Los Angeles crowding his clinic, the Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America (this the real name of his clinic), to receive their “G-Shots”, a surgical procedure that injects filler into a woman’s G-Spot for an improved sex life.

Totally insane, right? Well, let’s find out more about it!

For just over a thousand dollars, Dr. Matlock will inject a woman’s G-Spot with a collagen-based filler, which makes the G-Spot more pronounced. A more pronounced G-Spot means heightened arousal and an increase in vaginal orgasms.

Unfortunately (depending on who you ask, that is), the procedure is not permanent. The G-Shot lasts for approximately four months. Eventually, the filler dissolves and is safely absorbed by the body. So if it does work and a woman can finally have mind-blowing sex, she’s stuck paying Dr. Matlock a thousand bucks every four months to keep her G-Spot filled (lol).

Dr. Matlock first starting administering G-Shots 5 years ago after inventing the procedure himself. According to his website, he’s put in over 10,000 hours performing Laser Vaginal Rejuvenations, Designer Laser Vaginoplasties, and Brazilian Butt Augmentations. Just because his clinic is based in Hollywood and all his procedures have hilarious names, Dr. Matlock is indeed a real doctor, I cannot stress that enough. He used to be the only doctor in the United States to do the G-Shot but it’s growing in popularity.

One testimonial from a patient of Dr. Matlock’s said “I do feel a significant difference after getting the G-Shot. I get closer to climax more often and that happens a lot quicker. I also find myself wanting to have sex more often – because I’m hopeful I’ll orgasm soon.”

There are two arguments against the G-Shot procedure. The first is that couples who have trouble climaxing should speak to each other or a therapist to sort out the problem, as the G-Shot is only a temporary solution. The second is that some people (men) don’t fully believe that the G-Spot is real. Still, Dr. Matlock maintains he is a feminist, empowering women by educating them about their bodies.

I know for a fact that there are women that read this blog so I want to ask them, would ever you get a G-Shot?

Before you answer, consider the ease of achieving an intense orgasm after receiving a G-Shot. But also take a long look at this picture of Dr. Matlock about to administer a G-Shot:

Ok ladies. G-Shots, yes or no?

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