Mariah Milano interview

Mariah Milano was one of my porn stars. I say “was” because she’s not really doing porn anymore. She’s moved on to bigger and better things. What exactly are these bigger and better things?

Well, Mariah was nice enough to stop by the Blog and talk about her new projects, the state of the adult industry, and food.

So without further ado, here is the Mariah Milano interview. (as always my questions are in bold and her responses are normal)

You were in the adult industry for a long time, how would you say the industry has changed from when you were 18 and just starting out?
Well for one the internet is now king. When I started in 98 everyone clowned the internet shoots. My agent discouraged me from doing them. They paid so much less and were shitty quality shoots. And the industry is now in serious trouble because of piracy. The girls make less and the budgets are so small they rush everything. Testing has become a mess with AIM gone. The girls are all escorts full time and shoot scenes part time just to keep their hourly rates up. I have never escorted and never will, but I am one of the very few who don’t.

Only recently did I learn about porn stars escorting. How is it treated within the industry? Is it frowned upon or is it silently accepted?
Sadly it is accepted, and not so silently. The agencies that book talent for shoots also book for escort appointments. I have been vocal about it and have been met with a lot of aggression and lost some friends. I don’t give 2 shits if girls are prostitutes. I just think that when they turn tricks in a hotel room with an untested stranger and the nest day show up on set and shoot a scene, they bring an extreme increase in health risk to an already risky situation.

More and more I’m seeing porn scenes where the set-up is an escort date, which I would have assumed no-one would want to touch on. What do you make of this phenomenon? Is it like a crazy psychological marketing technique to attract fans?

I think that it plays into the fantasy aspect of it. Once upon a time porn stars were mythical creatures fans only saw on film or when they feature danced at a strip club or appeared at a convention. Now they are inter-acting with them on a personal basis on social media sites, doing webcam shows with them, etc. They have become real, attainable people. Porn girls have ads placed on escort sites and are easily researched and hired with a click of a mouse. It has changed the dynamic of the “Porn Star”. So the theme of porn stars being escorts portraying the “girlfriend experience” in videos is to be expected. At least that’s my take on it all.

How did you reach the decision to stop performing? Was it much different than when you decided to take a hiatus in 2000?

I got to the point where I dreaded it. It wasn’t fun anymore and I knew my luck was due to run out with the STDs that are rampant in the industry. I never got so much as a scare, so I am extremely lucky. With the testing problems and the rates being paid it just wasn’t worth it for me any longer. It was very much like 2000 when I stopped shooting. It wasn’t fun anymore and I was just sick of it.

What’s going on with if you’re not doing internet or studio shoots?

I am slammed busy with my cooking shows and traveling to host events and finishing my cookbook, which is where my future is. Or at least it looks that way as of now!

Dinner With Mariah is one of the best food blogs I’ve ever seen. How did the blog come together?

I was doing themed cam shows as a contracted spokesmodel for and decided to do a cooking theme one night. It was so popular and fun that I started shooting cooking videos, not live videos, but actual edited videos. The site took off in a big way immediately and I just ran with it. I have traveled in Europe a lot, particularly France and Italy where the food is just amazing. It’s a way of life and prepared with such passion and pride. I taught myself and I do okay, but I have a lot to learn.

Read the rest here!

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