Joint replacement surgery boosts sex drive in seniors

I smell a foursome...and moth balls...

I smell a foursome…and moth balls…

Despite what you may have seen on the Mature section of, old people really don’t have that much sex. It’s totally understandable that they don’t because hormonal changes and aging lowers your sex drive.

But thankfully, science has discovered a way for seniors to boost their sex lives, increase mobility, and decrease pain. What is this magic sex-life-saving procedure?

Knee and hip joint replacement.

According to a study by Dr. Jose Rodriguez of the Center for Joint Preservation and Reconstruction, 90% of patients with an average of 59 reported an improvement in sexual function after a joint replacement.

Dr. Rodriguez surveyed 69 males (lol) and 78 females (that’s 147 people total) who prior to surgery reported pain, stiffness, reduce sex drive, and the inability to even assume the position.

After the procedure, the subjects no longer felt pain or stiffness, their sex drive was up, they could assume the position, and as a bonus they felt they had a better self-image.

There are about 720,000 total knee replacement surgeries and 450,000 total hip replacement surgeries in the United States annually.

I’m glad to hear that sex is a benefit for getting a new knee or hip. God knows you’d want to break that thing in. Plus, one of the worst things about a senior citizen must be boredom. With a higher sex drive, seniors probably won’t be as bored. It’s just great news all around. By the time I’m old, I’m sure this procedure will be perfected to a point where I’ll have a knee/hip stronger than my natural ones ever were and a roaring sex drive too.

A lot to look forward to with this new discovery…


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