How does Cosmo’s covers compare to adult magazines…


Nicole Weider, a 26 year old former-model, launched a campaign last year against the Hearst Corporation called the Anti-Cosmo Mission.  The mission calls for Cosmopolitan Magazine to be packaged in a non-transparent wrapper and sold only to adults.

This women’s magazine will get the same treatment as Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse, etc.

Weider’s Mission gained a powerful ally today in Victoria Hearst, one of the heirs to the Hearst publishing empire.

Ms Hearst explained her decision to join the Anti-Cosmo Mission to FOX411′s Pop Tarts column:

“About 12 years ago, before the Lord told me to found Praise Him Ministries in 2001, I noticed how pornographic the content of Cosmopolitan magazine was. I telephoned Frank Bennack, head of the company, and told him Cosmopolitan should not be sold to minors and that I would like to address the board about it.

He refused to allow it, and refused to admit that Cosmo is pornography. Sex sells and the company does not care that Cosmo gets into the hands of children. Since Frank blocked my access, I decided to bypass him and send my petition directly to each board member via Federal Express… I never received a response from the company. But I had delivered the message God wanted. I went on with life and never looked at Cosmo again.”

Hearst went on to say, “It’s important to understand that we are not trying to censor Cosmopolitan magazine or stop the Hearst Corporation from printing it. We are simply asking Hearst to take responsibility for the magazine’s pornographic content and voluntary bag it and make sure that it is sold to adults only.”

The duo is currently working with legislators to have Cosmo fall under the Material Harmful to Minors law.

If you’re wondering how pornographic Cosmo is, here are the headlines from recent Cosmopolitans:

There is a very obvious emphasis on sex, there’s no doubt about that. Let’s compare these headlines with some recent Hustler issues:

  • Amber Rose: Topless at the beach
  • Jenna Presley XXX Sinner & Saint
  • William Shatner beams aboard
  • Larry Flynt, Dita Von Teese One-on-one
  • Japanese Fetish Porn: Slime, squid, and snatch
  • 28 Hot amateur pix

And compare those to Penthouse headlines:

  • 37 Hot spots and activities in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Carolina kid Lee Brice
  • Rock her world, tunes to rev her engine
  • The rebels and renegades who make America great
  • Earn your badass black belt
  • Olympic hotties

It may be shocking to anyone who has read all the way down here to know that concealing Cosmopolitan would not be such a bad idea. The Hustler and Penthouse headlines aren’t steamy or suggestive (for the most part) because they are being bought by men (and some women) who know the content.

Cosmo’s readership is bigger than Hustler and Penthouse, so the covering will probably not affect their sales. Nonetheless, Cosmo is a pornographic magazine for women. Women consume pornography differently, preferring stories and tips to explicit pictures. Cosmopolitan supplies them with that. It stimulates their erotic minds and to have it displayed out in the open is irresponsible.

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